Extra Long Shower Arm

Essential Aspects of Extra Long Shower Arms

An extra long shower arm is an essential component for those who want to enhance their showering experience. It provides numerous benefits including added convenience and flexibility, but it's crucial to consider certain aspects before making a selection.

Length and Flexibility: The most important factor to consider is the length and flexibility of the shower arm. Extra long shower arms come in various lengths to accommodate different heights and showering styles. Opt for an arm that extends sufficiently to reach the desired showering position without causing discomfort. Additionally, consider arms with adjustable joints for enhanced flexibility, allowing you to angle the showerhead precisely.

Material and Finish: Extra long shower arms are typically made of brass, stainless steel, or plastic. Brass arms are durable and sturdy, while stainless steel arms offer excellent corrosion resistance. Plastic arms are lightweight and affordable, but may not be as durable. Consider the material that best suits your bathroom decor and maintenance preferences.

Installation: Installing an extra long shower arm is relatively straightforward. However, ensure you have the necessary tools and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Improper installation could result in leaks or damage to the shower arm or wall.

Water Flow and Pressure: The choice of shower arm can affect water flow and pressure. Arms with larger diameters allow for a more voluminous flow, while those with smaller diameters may restrict flow. Consider the water pressure in your home before selecting an arm, as a high-pressure system may require a specific type or size of arm.

Compatibility: Ensure that the extra long shower arm you choose is compatible with your existing showerhead and wall mount. Different arms may have varying thread sizes and mounting methods, so verify compatibility before making a purchase.

Conclusion: Extra long shower arms offer numerous advantages, but careful consideration of length, flexibility, material, installation, water flow, and compatibility is crucial for an optimal experience. By selecting the right model, you can transform your showering routine into a more comfortable, enjoyable, and luxurious affair.

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